Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Song for the country's heart

The heart of the country has gone
dark! Gone is the pride of our
motherland's spark!

Infested with a "protected" breed,
who sold souls in their greed. the
toils of our sweat to sate their need.
On our weakness do they feed!
The heart of the country has gone
dark. Gone are the guardians of our
motherland's spark!

It houses the seat of power of the
lords, For Once it was called the
land of gods,
Now it flows with disgusting sods.
Armed with bottles and iron rods!

blinded by their demonic lust,
morals and justice they grind to a
reeking of manipulations and
into the darkness our land they

To arms my brothers I do call!
For Evil has breached our nation's
wall! Sating its lust on every footfall!
We have brought our own downfall!

Barbaric acts on every twist and
We simply look on as they rape and
still we do not, the lessons
learn,while filling the country's
ashes in the urn.

Apathy we display in abundance!
Sympathy, grief and impotence!
Sometimes we portray ignorance,
but really afraid to run interference!

Breaking news it is to some!
The rewards it brings they welcome!
Making everything sinister and glum!
They take the icing and the plum!
treating us as their closest chum,
They feed on us the evil scum!

Flowers we lay and candles we burn!
arguing for hours the mind we
And after the acts back home we
But through all this do the wounded
souls return?

Mothers, sisters, daughters,wives!
trust us with their very lives!
Abandoned them we have to the
butchers knives! Of Perversions and
demonic drives!

Heed the keening cry of our women.
For Suffering they are in thousands
and ten!
tis the clarion call oh citizen!
Time we awake, my countrymen.

Lets ride to battle with all our
liberate them from this agonizing
In blood the promises we must
and protect women as is their right!

dark is the future and is grave!
of your desires if you stay a slave,
break thine shackles my fellow
Tis time you stand up tall and brave!

Let us together destroy this evil's
dark. By re-igniting the
motherland's spark.
The heart of the country has gone
dark! Awaken oh saviors of
our motherland's spark!

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