Thursday, July 25, 2013

The lone traveler's journal

The lone traveller's journal.

In the furnace like atmosphere not even a blade of dry grass moved, not even a bird stirred. The harsh light of the sun made everything look bleached. I, the lone traveller, cursed the soaring temperature and my loneliness, as I thought about resting my weary, travel sore body. The great ball of fire at its zenith burned everything mercilessly!

My legs took me over the sunburned hill where I chanced upon a pair of dry trees.

I felt it was as if The dry trees were standing guard like last sentinels looking over the ruined remnants of an old kingdom long forgotten. Their arms frozen in fealty to their lord. Protecting his sacred treasures awaiting his return.

I sat silently on the dried grass under the shadow of one of them, contemplating what they would be feeling like, the silent sentinels, who witnessed the meandering flow of power through the millennia. I wondered how it would be to listen to the countless stories they had to tell.

How would one listen to their thoughts. After all how would they speak?

The silence grew as stifling as the hot air. I thought to myself,How out of touch have we been. Though a part of each other, we have grown so distant. Man and nature.

As my fingers brushed across the dried prickly grass,a faint rustle was heard.

Suddenly, I realised that a voice that was barely a whisper was saying something.

I looked around in wonder, trying to find its source. When I concentrated on it to sate my curiosity. The voice was coming from nowhere, but at the same time it was coming from everywhere. It was from outside me, yet the same voice was inside me. As it grew louder, I realised it was speaking in a language everyone knew, but had long forgotten.

What is this voice? And how am I able to understand the language?

The same way you know how to breathe. The voice answered my unspoken questions.

Who are you? I asked it.

Who do you want me to be? It asked me back.

Are you real or a figment of my imagination?

How do you know you are real?

I... Well.... I can sense myself. I mean, I see myself in mirror, I can feel when I touch. I can smell things. I can taste. And I can hear...

Ah ha! Was the smug interruption.

Alright! alright! I concede. I replied, flustered.

So, I couldn't help but notice as you were sitting by the gates of my realm, you were saying you wanted to listen to our story.

Oh, you are the voice of the tree!? Tell me your story. I said. Intrigued at the fact that I hadn't spoken my wish out loud in the first place.

hmmm, its not gonna be easy, we Need to open this one's mind a bit.I heard the voice wonder, then it asked "what makes you think I am the tree?"

So you are not the tree? A frown appeared on my face with puzzlement.

I didn't say that exactly. I am that which is everything, yet is nothing.

How can that be possible? Its a paradox. My confusion evident in the tone.

ah. You are Still caught in The trappings of maya. Free yourself.

Come on, do you have to speak in riddles. Isn't there a direct way?

Alright, you want a direct way? lets do this the direct way. Close your eyes and I will show you our story.

I did as instructed.

Now open your mind. The voice instructed.

How?Bewildered at the command.

Let go of All conscious thought. Just be. If thoughts flow, let them be. don't try to react or analyse. Just be. Be aware of the breath.

I was aware of the silken sensation of the breath passing through my body. Then as the feeling picked up, everything around me started to vibrate. A strange hum reverberated from everywhere. Within me and around me.

I couldn't bear it any was a pleasant, yet painful feeling.

I began panicking. Afraid to lose myself in the chaos that ensued.

don't worry, just breathe. The voice reassured me in soothing tones , the way a mother calms her child who is having a nightmare. And A luminous being encompassed me in it's entirety. bright and eternal.

Then suddenly A moment of nothingness. Nothing existed. but if nothing existed who was the one witnessing it?

The thought kindled a spark which brought everything into existence from the nothingness.

I was everything, yet nothing. I was everywhere, yet nowhere.

I witnessed the genesis! I saw The whole universe changing, merging and Morphing into its different avatars.I saw The birth of Stars, I saw their different deaths. I saw whole galaxies vanish, I saw some new ones formed. I saw how our planet was formed.

Everything flashing in front of me. Time had no meaning, Millennium passed in a second, and each second felt like a millennium.

I watched as numerous forests grew and decayed, I watched numerous creatures blink in and out of existence, sometimes entire species evolving, some going extinct.

I Watched Numerous Kingdoms of men as they came, collide on the battlefields, and watched as the ashes of huge armies lay scattered, settled back into the dust whence they came from.

I saw Entire civilizations as they weaned, grew, struggled, survived, and disappeared entirely.Seas, oceans, mountains, vales. Transforming into each other in the blink of the eye.

All these but an infinitesimally small pause in the continuous flow of creation. It was Total chaos, yet there was a certain harmony to it.

I was overwhelmed at the miracles I was witnessing. I thanked whatever power that bought me here. probably the luminous being that embraced me before.

Then gradually, I sensed a pattern, a rhythmic thumping, almost like a heartbeat. And then a flow, like breathing in and out. Swirling, and eddying the creation continued, like waves crashing on to the sands of time forming a shore.

Then came the moment of understanding. It was my own heartbeat and breathing! I was the luminous being itself!

What is the significance? what did it mean?

No words can answer that question, so I let it be.It was one concept which permeates our consciousness, but is impossible to capture into a framework of words.

It was like holding onto a smooth orb coated in oil. When we hold it gently, it stays in our grip. But it slips through our grasp the tighter we try to hold on to it.

It meant everything to me, yet it meant nothing. I basked in that feeling till I was content.

Gradually, I opened my eyes to a drastically changed scene. the humidity had increased, The atmosphere was still stifling, yet it wasn't the same as before. It was thick with sense of a foreboding. A calm before the storm, if you will.

Quick wind started blowing with a lingering fragrance of the promise of fresh life in them. Dark storm clouds covered the land in all directions. Thunder clashed, lightning flashed.

As the clouds hung heavily in the sky above, I lifted my gaze up, a silent prayer going to the power behind all creation.

and as tears of joy formed in my eyes, the first drops of rain landed on my upturned face...

I sat in the rain, my whole being cleansed and bathed along with everything around me. I don't know for how long I sat.

I sat till The storm had passed, both within and outside.

I sat and saw The columns of clouds that were still suspended in the heavens above. They formed a temple of sorts, a cathedral in the heaven above for the sun!

The divine alchemist, the sun strode forth bright and bold. Turning everything he touched into gold!

The cathedral of clouds, the gurgling brook in the plain. The tops of trees washed in the rain. the colourful birds, proud and vain.

The whole world was born anew! The grass green with drops of dew! Little green buds appeared on the branches of the trees. Flocks of flying ducks and geese!
Trill of Songbirds singing with joy! distant flute of the shepherd's boy!

And as I caressed the fresh tendrils of a sprout lying in the fragrant soil lit by a solitary ray of light, praising the divine miracle called life, the voice echoed somewhere in the recesses of my mind,clean and bright,

"Come, lets tell our story Together. Now and forever."

And the lone traveler, though in solitude, was never alone again!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Song for the country's heart

The heart of the country has gone
dark! Gone is the pride of our
motherland's spark!

Infested with a "protected" breed,
who sold souls in their greed. the
toils of our sweat to sate their need.
On our weakness do they feed!
The heart of the country has gone
dark. Gone are the guardians of our
motherland's spark!

It houses the seat of power of the
lords, For Once it was called the
land of gods,
Now it flows with disgusting sods.
Armed with bottles and iron rods!

blinded by their demonic lust,
morals and justice they grind to a
reeking of manipulations and
into the darkness our land they

To arms my brothers I do call!
For Evil has breached our nation's
wall! Sating its lust on every footfall!
We have brought our own downfall!

Barbaric acts on every twist and
We simply look on as they rape and
still we do not, the lessons
learn,while filling the country's
ashes in the urn.

Apathy we display in abundance!
Sympathy, grief and impotence!
Sometimes we portray ignorance,
but really afraid to run interference!

Breaking news it is to some!
The rewards it brings they welcome!
Making everything sinister and glum!
They take the icing and the plum!
treating us as their closest chum,
They feed on us the evil scum!

Flowers we lay and candles we burn!
arguing for hours the mind we
And after the acts back home we
But through all this do the wounded
souls return?

Mothers, sisters, daughters,wives!
trust us with their very lives!
Abandoned them we have to the
butchers knives! Of Perversions and
demonic drives!

Heed the keening cry of our women.
For Suffering they are in thousands
and ten!
tis the clarion call oh citizen!
Time we awake, my countrymen.

Lets ride to battle with all our
liberate them from this agonizing
In blood the promises we must
and protect women as is their right!

dark is the future and is grave!
of your desires if you stay a slave,
break thine shackles my fellow
Tis time you stand up tall and brave!

Let us together destroy this evil's
dark. By re-igniting the
motherland's spark.
The heart of the country has gone
dark! Awaken oh saviors of
our motherland's spark!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Quest begins!!!!

I was free, peaceful, filled with eternal bliss...

I became curious... born within me was a desire to experience Maya...
and the time was right, i was born into this world...

I was looking forward to experience the joys of MAYA!

BUT, as i opened my eyes to a world filled with endless experiences.I realized to my horror... I could not control my body... or my mind!!!! I cried... I wished to go back home...but... i was trapped...
I made up my mind....I would master my body and mind... I began to learn to control of my body...I let the mind go... curiosity being my nature... i let it explore...The mind perceived the world around me... It collected every scrap of information it came across... it built a picture of the world out of it.. my reality was created...

I was ready...

I was now the master of my mind and the body...

Years passed, I moved languidly on the path of life,passing through the myriad mazes, intriguing riddles and challenges before me... Overcoming them with a practiced ease...

Then I felt a strong force pulling me towards it...I saw it filled with promises of endless possibilities... so enticing, so powerful!!!
Joyously I embraced the power which i believed was setting me free!!!!

I felt the power flow within me...I was Unbeatable, I was Special,An immortal!
There was no match to my greatness...In wanted more power... I threw away the swords of  intellect and intuition and touched the orb of power in front of me...
I could control everyone around me...
I was the KING of everything i saw... 
My body felt alive!!!
I was free again... the world was inconsequential!

A small voice in my mind asked... What is freedom???
I squashed its insignificant ramblings with all my strength...
I saw i could control everything that flowed past me... I grasped to take control of everything that came my way!
I was free to do whatever i saw fit...  I charged with a battle cry to take over the world...  I destroyed everything that stood in my path...At last My freedom was mine...My mind and body were in their greatest strength ever!
I was truly invincible!!!!

What is this power??? I never felt so good before!!!

I used the power to achieve my dreams... I was above everything!!!  I felt like GOD!
I secluded myself to bask in my glory!!!

I was alone and immortal!!!
I returned to see my world...
I saw my world laying in ruins...
I was angry at the person who destroyed my world... He shall pay for his insolence! I began to draw all my power to destroy my enemy! But wait... where was he??

I set out to seek him and destroy him... I searched everywhere for him...
My senses could not track my enemy down...
Dark clouds of doubt and despair weighed heavily upon my mind...
My power was gone!!!

And Then there was darkness... I was defeated!

Where was I?
Where did my kingdom go?
How did I get here???
I never felt such despair before...
the darkness mocked me...
it pressed against me from all sides...
I was Trapped again!!!

The voice in my head piped up... is this freedom???
My reality was shattered!!!
Nothing mattered anymore
and when all hope was lost... I did not know the answers!!!!

The voice asked What is freedom???Seek the answers!

My curious nature was awakened again...
Where was my power??? What was it called???? where were my weapons of intellect and intuition???

I asked the darkness what it was called...It said it was called Ignorance!
Then I could see the sword of intellect shining in my hand... It would light up the world around me...
Ah!I saw that I was trapped in midst of the gossamer strands of My Past!
I looked at the blazing sword of intuition in my other hand... It would cut through the bindings!
Time did not matter anymore as i tried to regain my lost glory!

Wait...The power controlling the strands of my past and Ignorance.... it feels familiar!!!! I sent Probing tendrils of thought towards it... the tendrils were repulsed carelessly and i heard Laughter... And the voice mocked me!!!!
I must find my way out of here!!!!

As I raised my swords to cut through... A light flashed...
I was standing in an arena lit up in the middle with dark shadows along its edge... My swords had vanished!!!!

The light around me flickered... I was filled with a sense of foreboding...
I felt the presence of my enemy behind me...
I steeled myself to turn and face him...

The figure was moving on the edge of the Shadows...I desperately wanted to look into the face of the power that had trapped me...

It all felt so familiar... The way my opponent moved... I have seen him in action before... 
Yet,I could not recall anything... and I could not see the face of my nemesis... I screamed at him to show himself!!!

I felt My old power flowing in him...I could see my weapons in his hand!

"Who are you?" I whispered, fearing the worst.

Stepping out of the shadows he said softly...
"I am You."